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10 December 2008 @ 01:18 pm
It was early in the morning when I said to my brain, "hey don't go nowhere, we're not done yet." My brain was packing away its toothbrush in its suitcase, overstuffed already with its belongings. "Maybe you're not," my brain said, "I'm out man; good luck." As the door slammed shut behind my brain I felt a particular sense of emptiness creep upon me.

This about sums up how me week has been going. Trying to concentrate on school work when your mind has decided it has had enough is difficult, and due to a raging case of senoritis I have had difficulty staying on track. This is maybe why my final Monday did not go so well. I don't know how not well it went yet, as grades aren't posted, but I am unsure I did too well. In abnormal psych I was receiving less than a 3.5 so I decided to take the optional final this morning, in hopes of bumping up my grade. All I had to do was get a 90% on the final and I would get higher than my lowest test and justify my taking the final. Instead I got the exact same score as my lowest test. So now I am guaranteed not a 3.5 in that class. Coupled with my Personality class, I am unsure how my GPA will fare after this quarter. This is causing an intrapsychic conflict in which my ideal self is conflicting with my actual self. Rogers would tell me that I need more unconditional positive regard and that these conditions of worth I have set up for myself are damaging to my ego. I would tell Rogers in turn that he is a goddamn hippie. Fuck humanistic psychology, amirite?

So my optional final was at 8:30am today, which I could blame for my low grade since really who expects anyone to be awake and cognizant that early, but I was surprisingly awake for the final. I have used the time since then to work on my take-home final for Racism class (and napping). I came to Odegaard to work on said final so I guess I should actually work on it instead of updating elljay. I just have to keep telling myself: This is my last assignment. This is my last assignment.
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Last week I posted about John Fay's in the Daily. It was upsettingly bigoted against gays, terribly homophobic and very inaccurate in its facts. It was also printed as part of a pair of opinion articles showing both sides of the gay marriage debate.

I feel that, while it was a horrible article and John Fay is retarded, The Daily is not at fault for printing the article. It was pretty offensive but so are the anti gay views held by a hell of a lot of Americans. I feel these views need to be explicitly understood so we can fight them. I do not like restricting freedom of speech just because it instills hate. The hate is already there, it just brings it to the forefront. Had the article called for violence against gays, that I would be against.

But that's what I think. What do all of you think? Should The Daily not have published this article? I would like to know what you think?

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An app that posts to lj? Sold!

I am currently sitting in Kyoto Teriyaki, awaiting lunch. No lab today, and I am doing so well in Racism I decided to reward myself with teriyaki and renting Season 1 of Star Trek the original series.

I got a 98/100 on my midterm and a 100/100 on both journal assignments. Next is my final paper. I am going to rock that shit. My teacher will get a lot of papers on the disparity of education in Seattle, but mine will be the best.

The Daily had an opinion piece showing both sides of the prop. 8 argument (once again showing how behind The Daily continually is) and I had a hard time understanding the other side. Their argument goes like this: marriage is a fundamental Christian practice protected from federal laws by the First Amendment. Not only that but if we allow gays to marry what next? Beastiality? And look at the protests. Gays sure are violent. And besides, sexuality is based on emotion not biology so stop comparing it to interracial marriage.

But my food has arrived.

What only six icons! Oh rite my paid account expired. I think I'm going to let it be expired. I don't really use the ell-jay that often anymore and more and more people are doing so as well. Maybe I'll follow the trend and get my own blog or some such nonsense. I had an idea for a blog the other day. It's called "It's A Kick in a Blog" and I would add Tang to a food/drink item once a day until the Tang we have is gone. It would probably end in disaster.

Today is basically marked down as a loss. Somehow I failed at going to school. The first time was when I fell back asleep when I turned my alarm off, again, and woke up just around when I'd have to leave to get to class at the starting bell. So I said "fuck that I'll just get up now to go to my other class at 11:20." And then at 11 I said, "o hay I'm going to take a shower and then leave at 11:30 so I can get to class on time! :D " And then at 11:20 when I got out of the shower I realized my mistake and decided fuck today. It's not like I missed much anyway. My Racism teacher teaches right out of the book on Tuesdays most of the time. I think I'll mark down today as a Mental Health Day. As a psychologist I know how important mental health is so really I need to take a day every so often. Yes, that's the plan...

If I didn't have a lab meeting at 5 or dinner at my parent's house later on, I don't think I'd leave the house today. The only thing of note I plan on doing today is cleaning Dot's cage. It smells.

Yesterday was two midterms. I got my results back the same day, which was pretty rad. 47/50 in Abnormal and a 43/50 in Personality. The latter isn't so great but man, a 47/50 is pretty awesome. If I can keep doing that I'll have no problem acing that class.

Still don't have a place to live in ten days! Exciting! But today or tomorrow we should hear back from a place on Queen Anne, and Steve is turning in an app for a place in Ballard today, so hopefully one of those pans out.

On another note I really want to see W. at some point. It's going to be the feel good comedy of the year. There's also a Transporter 3 coming out. I predict it will be even worse than the steaming pile that was Transporter 2.

I guess I should start packing soon.
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10 October 2008 @ 12:49 am
This looks like the feel-good comedy of the year, folks. You may think I'm being sarcastic, but I'm not. I really think this movie will be not only good, but amazing.

Today sucked for an assortment of reasons so I'm glad I had this trailer to come home to. It'll be amazing. Trust me guys.

Also our heat isn't turned on because the thermostat is downstairs where we can't get to it I'm so cold :(
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So I saw Phantom of the Opera with my mom tonight. It was pretty goddamn amazing. The acting was pretty great, and the singing was amazing. The Phantom did an incredible job and put so much emotion into the role it was intense. Overall, A+ would recommend.

OK, I really don't like how Google Chrome doesn't really support the spellchecker too much in text fields such as this one. Why should I be expected to know how to spell words!

Also I totally "pwnd" Ray at CoD4 tonight.
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15 September 2008 @ 01:14 pm
I finally finished The Count of Monte Cristo. It took 28 days to read. I wasn't reading most of those days, but still, that's how long it took me. Monte Cristo is amazing. It's pretty long. I mean, really long. But it is worth it. It's one of the classic tales of revenge. The writing is pretty good, for an older book. It's not very dry, which surprised me. I expected it to be like other older books I've read; wordy and dry. It was wordy. Very very wordy. But all of the words were well-placed. I really liked reading it, and now I'm sad that it's over. It's been like a friend to me this past month. Andrew however has reassured me that I can catch up with all those missed friends in The Count of Monte Cristo II: Weekend at Villefort's. I'm anticipatory.

The Protomen are pretty amazing, fyi. If you've ever wondered what a rock opera about Megaman would be like, you should give them a listen.

the iPhone has a feature where it will show you the lyrics of a song when you tap on the screen, if you have the lyrics in the song tag info. I am now casually going through all my music and adding lyrics because that is rad.

School starts in 9 days. Too soon! Too soon!
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09 September 2008 @ 07:49 pm
I gave my lizards away today.

I took them to PetCo. The guy I talked to who worked there took one look at Baragon and told me that he is very sick and therefore he would not be eligible for adoption, He would, however, take him home and nurse him back to health. He seemed to know exactly how to make him better and said he had the stuff at his house, adding that he has 15 lizard tanks back home. I took it that he was the lizard guy there.

I am sad that I no longer have Gigan and Baragon, but I am happy that Baragon is going to get the care he needs to get better. I didn't have the time or money to help him get better, and I'd rather give him to someone who can help him than have him die while I do nothing. I gave Gigan away as well, because if I can't take care of one then I should give the other away as well. I loved those guys. Hope they'll like their new keeper.

I still want to own a lizard, but I'm not going to get one anytime soon. This has taught me that keeping an exotic pet means making sure you can afford the vet bill if they get sick. I didn't really consider that part of it when I took them in the first place. I should have, but it didn't really cross my mind. So until I have a surplus of funds, I shall have to be herp-less.

Today is also Grad School Day, wherein I research grad schools. I picked six programs that seemed interesting and am looking into those today. Over the next few weeks I hope to narrow the field so when someone asks, "do you know where you're going to apply?" I can at least give a "maybe" instead of a "no fucking clue", which is my standard reply now.

Friday there is apparently a steampunk art gallery opening thing. I don't think I need to explain how much I am looking forward to this.
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PAX, day 3.

I played Starcraft 2 again. I lost again. It was quite disappointing and embarrassing. Zerglings are weaker than they were in 1, and that's what I'm sticking with as my excuse.

I saw the final round of the Omegathon, which I was very much looking forward to. The final challenge was Vs. Excitebike, a game that was never released in the US, on the Famicom. Most exciting game of Excitebike I've ever seen.

I talked to some peeps on the floor about various games and was relieved to find out that Monsterpocalypse was sold out because I was way too close to buying it since I tried out the demo and was very amused.

The Spore demo was amazing. I really can't wait for it to come out, but fear that I won't be able to afford it when it does, since it comes out in a week or so. We'll see, I guess.
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PAX day 2:

Better than Day 1. I spent a long time in line for the Fallout 3 demo but I got in, and it was great. I've never been big on the Fallout series, however after seeing the demo for Fallout 3 I realized I had to play the original. I'm notoriously bad at RPG's, both in my skill level and also in the actual playing of them. I rarely if ever finish one, or play one for very long. I love the concept, but I have such a hard time playing them. Fallout 3, however, seemed amazingly awesome. Cannot wait. Will be buying.

Also talked to the dudes at WOTC about the DnD Insider "thing". I am sorry to say I may actually subscribe to it once it's up. The character builder is so damn useful, for one. It makes character creation a breeze. The tabletop sounds pretty rad as well, although they don't have that fully up yet. The reason why I'd probably subscribe is it has a LFG feature, so I could actually end up playing some DnD, which doesn't seem to be happening so easily in real life as everyone but me seems to have a group to play in >:(

I played a crazy-awesome game for the DS called "Lock's Quest" which is essentially a tower defense game for the DS but with steampunk elements. I don't think I need to go any further as to why I would like this game. The demo for it took like an hour to play. It was pretty great.

I got some sort of free online shooter game where you build a giant robot and fight with and against other people with giant robots. It sounds pretty neat, and it's 100% free, with in-game ad support. One thing bad about it is that, to build your robot you use credits you earn by destroying other robots or completing goals in PvP stuff like capture the flag, etc., but you can also buy the credits using real money, so theoretically if you have the money you could just buy an awesome robot. I'm not sure if the game is even fun since I didn't play it I was just handed the CD and told to give it a wirl at home.

Privateer Press now has a Monster-based miniatures game out called Monsterpocalypse. I have been waiting for something like this for quite some time. It has most of the bases covered. Aliens, Lovecraftian horrors, tokusatsu robots, earth defense force robots, etc. No radiation mutated horrors yet, which is a detriment, but I cannot fault them for this. I was going to pick up a set, but I found the cold reality is that a starter set is $25 and only has enough for one person to play. And I'd want to play at some point (more like make Nate play with me hey buddy) and that would be another $25, and I'd need at least one booster set for $13 to fill out the ranks and get some good mini's because the starter sets never come with anything super rad, and well you see where this line of thinking leads. It'll end with me getting herpes from whoring myself out to afford to buy more booster sets. I cannot play collectible games like this. I think there should be some sort of Executive Order to this extent.

Wil Wheaton will be at PAX tomorrow again, signing shit. The question remains, should I bring my Wesley Crusher Star Trek CCG card in and have him sign it? Would he punch me if I did? Matt theorizes yes. It's a real possibility, but at the same time the possibility of having Wheaton sign my Wesley Crusher card sends nerd tingles up my spine. Because even though Wesley was a little shit he still sat at the helm of the flagship of the Federation and only so many have done that (oh god I'm a nerd halp :( )

Tomorrow is the last day of PAX. If things are done right, I'll come back with a sweet new t-shirt, a signed STCCG card, and absolutely NO Monsterpocalypse miniatures. We'll see how this goes...
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