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The Earth was blue, but there was no God...

The Shiney Black Shoe Diaries

21 April 1985
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What is there to say about me, that has not already been said to describe other men of worth and value? Surely one could spend a lifetime counting and recording my insurmountable deeds, categorizing them in such ways as "astonishing"; "amazing"; "sensational"; and "web of". It would be fair to say that the heroicsm of my encompassments of aspirations is known far and wide, and because of it I have obsconded with many fluttering hearts, and with the imaginations of those inspired by me. I say "inspired" but truthfully I mean "embolden", for I do not but awaken those thoughts and desires already buried deep within the soul.

Some would call me a hero; but I reject that word. If anything I am an exemplar. My traits are those that all have, only, as if a magnifying glass, I embolden those traits that are most honored and burn away thsoe that we disdain the most.

With my own two hands, I weild the only tool I need; my brain. I strike that tool against the hot steel that is the aspirations of the common man, supported by the anvil of righteousness. I weave my web of trumph against the loom of America, going where I am most needed to slay the dragons of doubt and rescue the maid of obeisance.